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CSI helped me with my custody battle. They were always very caring and understanding. They provided me and my lawyer with the information we needed to convince the judge to allow me full custody. CSI's agents were kind and thoughtful, always with my child's best interest at heart. They kept

They did a great job, hidden cameras & interviews were clear - they even testified for me in court and made great witnesses. They got the proof I needed and if I ever need a investigator I will sure use them in a heart beat.

Just good old-fashioned investigative work. Surveillance was what got us the result we were looking for. Good communication, we didn't go days without an update.

I've never had to use a PI before and was fortunate to have chosen TSCM to work on my custody case. Mitch and his staff were very helpful in gathering information for me to have a successful outcome at trial. They were all very professional, concerned, and informed as to provide me the information

Awesome! Mike and the guys hit the nail on the head. I thought my wife was acting a little wierd, I never imagined. These guys know their stuff!

Thank you for assisting me in regaining custody of my daughter,I couldnt have done it without you

I have friends that recommend this business very highly. They are very professional over the phone.

I have reported you to the division of commerce in Nashville. I sent 400.00 by moneygram and it was collected and I have not heard from you since and your phone seems to be no longer in service.

I want to say thanks to Daniel for his hard work and dedication he gave to my case. He was very informative to me and kept me updated on any new evidence he was able to get. His hard work has paid off for my case which went to court and we won. I would recommend any one who is seeking great