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I hired Max to help me dispute a fraudulent charge from a leasing company. Upon moving, the leasing company charged me for damaged carpet. The carpet was damaged by their maintenance personnel who was sent to fix my AC and tread a trail a dog feces into the apartment. I called the leasing

I can not express the gratitude of the alpha agency for helping me with information about my daughter, whom I had lost contact with. Wayne from Alpha Agency did a fantastic job in locating information. Unfortunately she had passed. I was able to get some closure due to Wayne & staff locating

I can't say enough about Blue Ribbon private investigation agency. I was desperate to locate my relative, due to health issues and Pat was relentless in her search for me. I was so pleased when she never gave up and found my father even though no one was left alive who knew where he was. She

I simply sent an email and got a response within a couple of hours. Janet is great and offers not only her services but has a heart. I hired her for a child custudy case because i felt my significant other was leaving my kids alone. The investigator got on video after three days what I needed

Without question Mr. Dougherty was highly professional and discreet. I would HIGHLY recommend!

This company is out of business

I have known Arik for 15+ years. You can not find a more trustworthy person to depend on or entrust with your wellbeing. Arik strives to please and exceeds expectations in all areas.

Have you ever found a company or even that one special person at a company that made you so happy you never wanted to go anywhere else for that particular service? Well, Chimera is one of those companies and Arik Lindsay is one of those people. As a private investigator, his skills, professionalism

Wonderful experience working with Arik Lindsey. Privacy is key along with coming through with everything I needed and Arik came through. I trust this agency 100%.

Arik Lindsay's investigative reputation precedes him. I've used his background investigative services on a couple of occasions and found him to be incredibly discreet, fast, and dependable. He treated me respectfully and as if I were his only client. When you're faced with an upsetting situation

Chimera Investigative Group is a well oiled machine that will give you the best in results, quality, and care. Owner and operator, Arik Lindsay, is an outstanding member of our community and a personal friend. His expertise and attention to detail are awaiting your every investigative need.

I have known Arik Lindsay for about 3 years now and he is THE go to person when you need fast, accurate information that no one else can get. He is ethical, trustworthy and thorough. I have used Chimera several times and will continue to do so in the future.

I have worked with Arik Lindsay on several ocassions over the past few years. He is excellent at his chosen profession. If there is information to be found he will find it.

Mr. Lindsey possesses not only unsurpassed investigative abilities but also integrity and commitment. His skills proved invaluable at a time it was needed quickly. An example of his integrity was demonstrated after my project completed wherein I received a partial refund from Chimera Investiagive

Arik is a great friend and business associate. He is someone who holds people's satisfaction and his own attention to detail in high regard. Excellent person to know in a personal or professional environment.

Fantastic service. Have a problem? Want the info you need quickly? Call Arik, you have the info, end of problem His service is that good.

I have known Mr. Lindsay for about a year and I will vouch for his thoroughness and loyalty. I am currently an investigator as well and I would trust him to help me out or take a case I couldn't do. Sincerely, Charles West Peace on mind investigations and Bail bonds Currently en route

I have known Arik for several years and was impressed with his integrity and character. So when I needed an investigator, I knew Chimera was the right company to work with. Arik assisted me, and was professional and got me the information I needed quickly.

Rude, unpleasant and expensive.

Thanks you for your excellant job on my case. I am very pleased and happy. If you have a problem call them I did and they helped me out

Pretty cool store. They got a lot of assault type weapons, which I really liked. My dad calls them 'evil black guns', he is a hunter. They got some of that, but much more tactical stuff. The guys know their stuff and are pretty cool. They didn't treat me bad like some other shops. I am young

Outstanding defense investigations. Kept me out of jail when I was wrongly accused.

Great company for all of your security or investigative needs. Professional and experienced in every aspect of the security/investigative field. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for security solutions or investigative work.

This security guard company and detective company provides the greates services.thanx for your assistance with our security needs. Morgan - JDC Construction

Nick at I Spy found my real Dad and I was looking for him for years. He was very nice and friendly and i will use him again. Thanks Nick and I Spy.

Unbelievably fast and thorough service! Staff is very knowledgable and helped me find my cheating husband in the bahamas. I definitely reccomend their services!

STF Investigations is an amazing investigation firm that offer a variety of services. Mr. Fisher is a great man and is the best investigator in the country. He does a wonderful job and charges a fair price. Mr. Fisher is also very handsome and has a great personality. I would recommend STF

It was very refreshing to finally deal with a reputable business, everyone was courteous and was able to offer me many choices to help me make my decision. It was a very pleasant experience and I highly reccomend doing business with them, they were able to offer everything that I needed.

They get the job done quickly and efficiently, very professional and discrete.

Great prices and excellent information. The live help staff is very helpful. Recommend to all.

Thanks for all your outstanding security services and assistance.you guys are the BEST! J.MC Enterprises - Jayson

These guys infiltrated a competitor's company after one of my key executives left, identified side work & fraud (while under a non compete) and recovered my money! Now the guy is being sued by my competitor because the fraud they found was enforceable under the RICO act! I got my money back,

Eyewitness was able to confirm that my husband conducting activities that would be harmful to our child. Thanks to their efforts, I was able to retain our home and keep my child safe. Thank you Eyewitness

This place is excellent. They have everything you need. Great people to do business with.

Very Professional and Discreet they answered all my questions. Price was very reasonable too.

Stealth helped me regain my confidence they are very professional. I highly recommend.

Very professional, couteous and timely. Highly recomended.

Great service and extremely timely at that! I recommend South West Private Investigations to anyone who needs fast, reliable, friendly and diligent service.

Very happy with the results of a difficult investigation. It was conducted in a discrete, professional way. Also very thorough! Left no stone unturned.

Went to Spy Geeks and got a camera system for my business. They were the most knowledgeable ppl in town and had the best prices. I had went to Sam's Club looking for cameras and saw the outrages prices then looked online for a Spy Shop and found Spy Geeks. We only spent $699 and got a 4-camera

I am trying to find my sister Judith Audrey Zarecki to notify our Dad passed away. The last time I new she lived in the Daytona, Deltona area. Please help me locate her. My name is Elizabeth A Zarecki Her next to kin. Thank you

Aegis Risk Management is a great company to contact for Private Investigations as well as if you need a process server. They promote quick, thorough service in all areas. Very polite and helpful.I'd recommend them to anyone in need of this type of service.

A Detective Agency that knows how the system works

I used this company to check the backgrounds of possible babysitter and it was amazing how fast of a response I received about the applicants history. Using this company has helped me find a great babysitter and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs background information

This guy is a complete meanie! I totally disagree with the other reviews that were written. He was very rude and after I was referred to him by another bondsman, he told me there was a fee for driving to Hernando county. I think this is ridiculous and the guy offered NO HELP whatsoever. I can't

The owner Walter Masterson is a very honest person who has very high standards. He is an outstanding investigator and has a reliable company. He found a long lost love from my childhood, which out companies could not. He never gave up until he found him. DG

Very professional company. They solved my problem quickly and much less expensive than the other Lake Mary companies.

We were in the market for someone to take care of our children while we work and these guys leave nothing uncovered! Two of the supposed Child Care Professionals HAD CRIMINAL RECORDS AND ONE WAS FOR LEWD ACTS ON A CHILD! Thank God we had the background reports done

Laser Teeth Whitening $295.00 one visit, one hour, Also one visit Crowns, Veneers, and Inlays. Affordable Cosmetic Makeovers in one day. Spa like environment. Clean and Gentle.

I would not hand my hard earned money over to someone in a parking lot.if they can't keep an office where i can ALWAYS FIND THEM then they are not going to get my business.