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For many people, the worst part about a potentially harmful situation is a lack of information. As a business owner, you have to know if potential employees have a criminal record or if your current employees are telling the truth when it comes to injuries. For families going through a divorce, if you suspect your spouse of cheating, it could change the outcome of the settlement.

Trinity Investigations is a complete service private investigation agency serving Louisiana and Texas specializing in adultery, child custody, child support workers compensation, insurance fraud, infidelity, and family law investigations. Louisiana Private Investigator, Trinity Investigations is a complete service investigation agency serving customers throughout Louisiana and Texas.

Investigation work isn't a 9 to 5 job. Between us we currently have a combined twenty years of law enforcement experience, 12 years military knowledge and are both licensed insurance claims adjusters. Our backgrounds give us a wide spectrum of experience and contacts in various fields which have already proven to be beneficial.

The correct tools and techniques. Our mission is to supply you with everything you need, when you need it and with the evidence to back it up. We take an expert approach to every private investigation we handle. Our broad level of knowledge has led to successful investigations in over 30,000 cases.

When faced with a workers' compensation or liability claim, you have a right to know the truth regarding a claimant's injuries. Quality surveillance can be a perfect method for determining the truth. Investigative Services Unlimited specializes in surveillance of workers' compensation and liability claimants.

Would you like us to Locate Someone? Difficult Service of Process in LA or TX? Hyatt Investigations & Process Service is an expert private investigation agency located in Lake Charles, Louisiana that supplies confidential, expedient and cost effective services to attorneys, corporations, tiny businesses and the general public throughout the State of Louisiana and Texas.

Louisiana Private Investigator and Detective Agency Specializing in Family Law. Our company specializes in locating individuals that donít want to be found. Our experienced investigators enjoy locating missing person, children, family members, loved ones, friends, insurance claimants, high school friends and assisting SIU department for insurance companies. We have the latest skip tracing techniques

  • Very Good Investigator very exp in Family Law helped me get custody of my two children

Louisiana Private Investigator / Process Server Company. Scott Frank is a Louisiana court appointed process server in Louisiana. Trusted by not only the courts but by many lawyers Scott is known to be easy to work with, effective and efficient in his services. Scott is a private investigator under LA R.S 37:3503 8B (iv) based in Lafayette, La under George Knox attorney at Law and has been in business