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Drexler Document Laboratory is a complete service laboratory providing experienced forensic document and handwriting analysis for both private and professional individuals involved in either civil or criminal investigations. Steven G. Drexler is a retired Senior Scientist of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, Board Certified by the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners, and has been

At G&A we can tailor an investigation to our customers' requirements. Contact us for a free consultation. At Griffin and Associates we believe our business depends on delivering quality professional investigative services that satisfy the requirements of our customers. A long-term relationship is built on value added, which results in a nice buy for the customer.

Private Investigations in both Criminal and Civil matters. Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice More than 30 years experience in a variety of different cases. Security Guard, Surveillance, Prevention, Detection, and Deterants Business Services and Personal Services Video Surveillance Systems Installed. We can help you sleep better at night knowing we are protecting your assets and your loved ones.

Residential Surveillance and Investigation has been our focus for twenty five years. By specializing in residential cases, we provide you a direct path to the answers you so desperately need. Each case starts with a free and confidential telephone consultation. The consultation enables us to meet the issues that are unique to your case. As we understand the issues, we formulate a plan to find the truth.

DCA&I was set up in FY 2004 by proprietor/US Military Veteran Rafael Portis following eleven years of surveillance/investigative experience. DCA&I highlights itself in the claims investigation industry by delivering a unified staff service. We strongly encourage our customers to share Intel sources in a staff effort to supply favorable results.

Though located in Alabama, we're licensed and insured investigation agency with global reach. Our professional investigators have extensive state and local law enforcement experience with a huge professional support team. We listen to people, understand their problems and requirements, follow instructions, and approach issues with discrete sensitivity.

Corporate Special Services. has been delivering professional investigative services to the Insurance, Corporate and Legal communities since 1980 almost three decades. Integrity, reliability and dependability are the benchmarks of our operation. Professional investigators supply the highest level of service within legal and ethical boundaries. We are very eager to supply additional information.

PI School News A new session of our 12 week PI School begins September 17, 2007. Experience you can rely on We have over 30 years of knowledge serving the private investigation requirements of businesses, individuals, law enforcement. We have an impeccable track record of success. Check out our references to learn more about our past successes and how we can serve you. We take our reputation seriously.

In the S, we're taught the value of service from an early age. At Slapikas Investigative Services, Southern Hospitality means we treat our customers with respect, commitment and loyalty, while delivering the finest detective service possible. Based in Birmingham, Alabama we like to be your source for professional and confidential private investigative services in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee

Bailey and Company Investigations is a complete-service, professional investigative agency that is licensed by the state of Alabama. Our effective performance supplies superior results in the areas of video surveillance, accident reconstruction, individual injury, background, residential/family law, process service, and other specialized investigations.

Ban Security and Investigative Services. is a mid-southeastern supplier of consultation and investigation services. Our Investigations Division provides a complete suite of security-related professional services. All assignments are coordinated through our skilled team and performed by communications specialists, consultants, investigators, and researchers.

At Alabama Professional Investigations, we know from years of knowledge how important this step is for you. We are here to aid solve your problem speedily and quietly! API is your finest source for professional investigation. We provide an extensive list of dective services that you can count on. We are dedicated and determined to producing factual, accurate, unbiased documentation in a timely manner.

Metro Spy Supply is a subsidiary of Metro Private Investigations. MPI ; set up in Huntsville, Alabama in 1971. Because MPI utilizes a range of investigative products in the field, it was a natural fit to make these very same products available to investigators and others with security concerns.

Set up in 1971, Metro Investigations is the biggest female owned & operated investigative company in the US. We like to think of ourselves as a firm that thinks outside the box. This attitude is finest reflected in our recruitment of diverse staff various backgrounds, racial diversity, and bilingual investigators, our cutting edge technology what you are using right now as well as our extremely covert

Thank you for your interest in our firm. ALL Investigations supplies a complete array of investigative services to customers in Alabama and Tennessee. If you're in need of a service offered by our firm please take a several minutes to review what we can give you. We realize that whatever has driven you to seek the aid of a private investigator is likely the result of something bad in your life.

State Investigations is ready and capable to assist you solve any and all of your Investigative requirements, Criminal, Civil, and Maritime Investigations. Covert Video and Surveillance are just a several of the areas that we specialize in. All of our agents are Licensed, Bonded and Insured and very Discreet and Professional at all times. We set the Benchmark for Client Satisfaction in this business.

Eagle/CPS Security. is a closely held Alabama Corporation, delivering service in Birmingham, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa. We remain a medium size security firm by choice to better serve our customers. Eagle/CPS has a management support team that would rival a firm with double the number of security officers.

Digital Field Service is a ltd Liability Corporation - woman owned and family run - situated in Mobile Alabama. For over six years, Digital Field Services has called on more than 1,400 experienced inspectors and/or investigators throughout the country and has sucessfully completed over 134,600 field assignments.

Our team of experienced private investigators are here to help you in all kinds of civil private investigation. Many out-of-state law companies authorize CAPITAL for process service in Alabama. Send us your papers with confidence.

Alabama's premier, full services investigative agency. A & A Investigations. can maximize your potential for success by delivering the finest and most up-to-date information available. Our policy is to obtain that information through qualified staff and professional investigation.