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Public Interest Investigations., PII has been helping law companies, corporations, and governmental entities uncover the facts for the past twenty five years. Clients rely on PII for many reasons: the company's broad experience with all kinds of legal investigations, its capability to reply speedily, its discretion when conducting investigations, and its proven track record of producing fair and credible

Since 1967, our main goal is to supply our clients with all the information they need to make the correct decisions about critical issues. We provide discreet private investigation services in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, Denver, New York City, Washington DC and Virginia USA and the World. Do you suspect your spouse, partner, business associate or employees is being

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Covert Investigation Agency CIA staff are comprised of experts combining their knowledge earned through years of service in the American military, law enforcement and Corporate Security Administration. Drawn from a diverse spectrum of expertise, security and investigative backgrounds varying from counter-terrorism experts, military special operations and law enforcement backgrounds, CIA management

Cases are investigated utilizing the provisions of the Labor Codes for the State of California. Investigators gather data to evaluate the claims for the statutory criteria for compensability and various statutory defenses. Investigators are highly trained to examine evidence pertinent to the rules, doctrines and exceptions offered for in the labor code and by founded case laws.

Private Investigators International. has made this website with the sole purpose of better informing our prospective customers of our services and information about Investigators. We currently service any investigations around the US and Internationally. We are members of NALI, WAPI and NCISS.

Having directed my firm for over twenty seven years as an investigative firm with emphasis on the technical and scientific work related experiences I am uniquely qualified to handle your case. I have had customers from all over the world, including England, Holland, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and Mexico.

Litigation arising from workplace misconduct costs employers billions of dollars annually. Increasingly, lawsuits are concentrated on the quality of the investigation. Diversified Risk Management. goes beyond solving problems, so you know why things happen, not just that they happened.

Intelligence agents, formerly known as Agentes In Rebus, guarded the interests of history's greatest empire, significantly contributing to their capability to build, protect and control what was theirs. Several factors explain the sustained success of the empire's protectors: discipline, training, equipment, well organized logistical support, and most importantly flexibility.

Archangel's experienced and trained specialists are available to help you in all areas of investigation & protection including: surveillance / subrosa, background investigations, residential affairs spousal investigation, child custody, missing people, asset locations, stalkings, insurance defense, criminal defense, fraud investigation, recorded statements and employee theft investigations.

Successful investigations depend on finding secret and hidden facts or assets. Sometimes these facts are found in public records, through Internet and database research not available to the public or under FOI Act. Also by identifying and interviewing key sources, through the application of forensic accounting, confidential informants, computer forensics skills, and from other investigative methods.

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We specialize in every type. Find anyone for any legal purpose. Protect your future, check the past. Prove parental fitness and cohabitation. Your Investigation of the opposition reveled more wrongdoing than we originally suspected. Thanks again for all of your diligence. Wilshire Investigations is one of the premier Private Investigations Agencies in Los Angeles and the world.

California private investigator Tristar Investigation is a complete-service detective agency with a 28-year track record of providing 1st-class investigative results in California and for customers worldwide. Whether you are an personal who has never used the services of a private investigator, or someone in insurance, law or business, we supply both a personal and professional touch that insures your

Remember -- whoever controls the information controls the situation. Hover View Investigations, situated in the middle of Los Angeles Hollywood, goes the extra mile to run a background check, do an asset search, locate a missing person, determine insurance fraud, hire a bodyguard, go undercover, get you the crucial truth that can create or break a case, and so much more In the intelligence community,

State Licensed Private Investigations Firm with over thirty five years in the business! Fast turn-around and competative pricing to meet your requirements! We know how to get the answers you need in a hurry. Call today to speak to an experienced investigator! ABOUT NETWORK-ONE INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS: We are a California State Licenced Private Investigations company with over thirty five years

As seen on television, talk-radio and print media, the ASI Group of investigators is a nationally recognized agency and we take special pride in our reputation for providing prompt, accurate and dependable results. Crystal Clear Investigations pledges to handle your case speedily, efficiently, and above all confidentially.

Observant Security/Investigation Services established 1981 providing full field services to it's customers throught the State of California, Nationwide and around the World. When the successful resolution and closure of your most sensitive case relies on information; YOU deserve and MUST therefore DEMAND the BEST. Our dedication to ongoing education and training along with the use of the state of art

When you require a private investigator, the Grevillius Detective Service is ideally located to reply speedily and intelligently.

Investigative Services Corporation ISC is a complete service investigative and security consulting company staffed by former Special Agents of the F.B.I. and former Police officers. ISC staffs offices in Los Angeles and maintains agreements for reciprocal services with correspondents in all states and in other countries through a network of police and federal law enforcement contacts.

Robert D. Jones Investigations is a complete service investigative agency committed to honest and confidential service of the best quality. With over 20 years of knowledge, we'll supply our customers with accurate, professional, ethical and discreet results backed by the integrity of our team.

Vetter Investigations. is a firm rooted in sound security practices and innovative investigative techniques which translate into effective, customized, timely and cost effective services for our customers. Established in 1984, Vetter Investigations. serves a select client base worldwide.