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The Grand Group is a recognized Southern California based private investigations agency. The Grand Group specializes in providing evidence and hard to find information for our clients, in a thoroughly and timely manner. The Grand Group's services include asset investigations, background investigations, cheating spouses investigations, delivery of subpoenas, criminal defense, and surveillance investigations.

LOCAL COMPANY, GLOBAL ACCESS The Advent Investigative Group, located in North County San Diego, is a complete-service private investigation agency delivering services to the legal, business and insurance communities. Advent IG's global network of investigative specialists helps customers throughout California, the US and in more than forty countries.

Secure Investigative Group supplies top-rated protective and investigative services with risk consulting to individuals, corporations, insurance firms, and law firms. We don't just meet your security requirements, we exceed them. Learn more about our services. Contacts Us for an in-depth and confidential consultation of your security situation. The initial consultation is at no charge.

NANPOR is a complete-service organization, providing training courses/seminars, special event security, long term security service referrals, investigative services and consulting. We believe in quality training versus quantity training. Because of this commitment we currently have streamlined our team. All courses are kept at high instructor ratio to ensure quality, both in instructors and subject

Dozens of seminars on various kinds of plaintiff individual injury and criminal defense investigations. Number three man in Syndication Department, managed 17 million dollar stock portfolio at age 28. Youngest officer in bank's history, became officer on 23rd birthday. Raised on a ranch and rodeo blue ribbon winner. Commanded USAF/CAP squadron; rank of captain.

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? Two people that have been in a relationship for sometime can read each other beautiful well. You know when to get closer and when to give your significant other plenty of space. There are moments where it feels like you can read each other's mind. Like the time you attended a social function.

We've received awards, accolades and a wealth of publicity for high profile cases. We supply international and national services and have branch offices in Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Private investigator R.W. Peterson with his dog Boe.

We're a complete service agency dedicated to delivering professional consulting, expert witness and investigative solutions to our customers. Please visit our additional pages to learn more about our firm and services.