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We get the Job Done An experienced and highly professional team serving our clients' security and investigative requirements. In addition to solving the existing problems, the most important duty owed to the customer is their peace of mind. Pre-employment Screening Pre-employment investigation and investigative research nationwide.

Within this site you may Refer a case for investigation by utilizing the Assignment Form or Quick Referral pages! Upon receipt of the Quick Referral you may be contacted for additional information. Utilizing the Assignment Form may negate follow-up contact as it is comprehensive. We are a California corporation; state licensed as Private Investigators since 1978.

We specialize in the investigation of theft, dishonesty, and substance abuse in the workplace. Additionally, we provide residential investigations, workers' compensation, and corporate surveillance, pre-employment screening services, management training and litigation support. Our customers include several of the most successful corporations, insurance firms, and law firms in the country.

Testimonial-- I hired Mr. Elliott to insure I got my fair share of community property assets. I was certain my ex-husband was trying to hide assets from me either through his business or through secret banks accounts and investment accounts. Mr. Elliott found all of the hidden assets.

  • I contacted Mr. Elliott because I heard of his expertise in locating hidden community

When you need to know the truth -- Call us. In the intelligence community, the term intelligence is defined as the capability to gather and use information. If you are searching for a missing person, want to check the background of a prospective employee, or searching for the hidden assets of someone who owes you money -- Call us.

Our expert investigators have credentials and huge ranging investigative experience with law enforcement agencies like the LAPD and the LASO. Business management, electronic surveillance detection specialists, professional polygraph examiner and voice stress analysis, specialized network and computer certifications to facilitate these kinds of investigations.

The Privacy Connection continues to set the standard in reliability, integrity, and professional expertise. Our staff of Professional Countermeasure Specialists have conducted effective sweeps for 100's of firms & individuals throughout the country and around the world.

We're a State of California licensed private investigation company serving the requirements of attorneys, businesses, insurance firms, and individuals. Our goal is to supply rapid, accurate, and reliable information to all our customers. Our investigation staff consists of retired and active members of several law enforcement agencies.