Backgrounds permit corporations to know the applicants they are hiring and determine if they are likely to be long term, valuable employees to the firm. Failure to perform backgrounds typically involved higher turnover and a less safe and honest work environment. Turn around time on criminal record searches are 24 to 48 hours.

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All of that can be avoided if you sign up today for our extensive background screening services. I have used HireHonest's services over the last fifteen years, with three different employers. HireHonest has come through for me time after time. I select all my vendors based on service levels and fair pricing. HireHonest delivers on all aspects of that criteria. HireHonest delivers big company service with a custom effort that still allows for personal attention and service, that is rare in this day and age.

Employers need a well-rounded view of the candidate before making a successful employment decision. Part of this is the interview, however, 53% of applicant's provide falsified information on their resumes and applications. HireHonest provides an in-depth background check to empower the employer with a better view into their potential hire. HireHonest was established in 1989 when the C.E.O., William Welliver, saw the need for background and screening. Very few background and screening capabilities were available for retailers and William went above and beyond to fill this niche.