Remember -- whoever controls the information controls the situation. T he Naked Truth Detective Agency will do everything within the law to get you the information you need. We will go the extra mile to conduct a thorough child custody investigation, catch a cheating spouse, run a background check, do an asset search, locate a missing person, determine insurance fraud, hire a bodyguard, conduct an undercover investigation, and get the crucial information and proof that can create or break your case, and so much more.

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  City Tulsa, OK
  Zip Code 74159
  Phone Number (918) 724-9088

I was sure my husband was cheating again but he said I was being paranoid. Ken the P.I. got videos of my EX messing with a man in a car at a gay bar. EX was afraid his parents would see videos (LOL) and agreed to divorce and custody. I was told a lawyer would cost $5000 for this. KC only cost me $1700 and my lawyer was under a thousand because EX agreed. I saved money and got what I wanted.