Soldier Security & Investigation Services military-style structure is based on our very own United States military. In both our operations and business ethics we employ the philosophies and codes of conduct of the Armed Forces. Not only is Soldier Security based on the same “lead-by-example from the top-down” structure, it holds each and every security guard or member to the same personal standards: being proactive, dedication, courtesy, bravery and highly-trained to accomplish the task.

Our Company has the capabilities to operate in any environment. We pride ourselves in the experience that is combined within our organization that makes us a driving force in the security industry. Our team is made of persons with national, private and public safety backgrounds as well as management skills. We have combined, over 80 years of past experience that will benefit our clients of today.

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  Person Soldier Security & Investigation
  City Baltimore , MD
  Zip Code 21206
  Address 6214 Frankford Ave.
  Phone Number (410) 235-0001

Products & Services

Residential Security

With crime continuing to infiltrate our communities combined with a struggling economy, the rate of crime will continue to rise. Law enforcement agencies in most cases is overwhelmed by the increasing amount of crime and does not have enough personnel to prevent it or fight back.

Servicing communities and its residents is one of the main reasons why Soldier Security was founded. With our extensive background in public safety, we are able to partner with the community and local law enforcement to create an effective security plan that will be tailored to the community needs. These plans are not created as a temporary fix, but more as a long term solution.

Event Security

Our hands-on approach, serving as crowd control experts. We will add an uncanny sense of security to your next event. Rather it be a concert, a public gathering or even a sweet 16 party. We'll take on all challenges!

Private Investigations

We have highly talented Private Investigators with many years of experience in conducting investigations for clients and preparing evidence for court proceedings; often involved with matters of insurance, missing persons and character enquiries.

Background Checks

We provide our clients with a comprehensive backround report for their business needs. Rather it's for screening a new employee or a new partner in business. We also service property owners/landlords by screening their tenants.

Our background reports can range from a social security check to a detailed account of a potential employees/tenants history and acquaintances. Some information that may be included are driving records, vehicle registrations, criminal, bankruptcy reports, property ownership, incarceration records, military records, character references and various other personal information.

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