Snelling Private Investigators is a regional full-service private investigation agency in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington since 1993. Our principal offices are in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Our private investigators have over 35 years of licensed private investigations and a track record with cost-effective hundreds of successful cases. We specialize in surveillance, legal and background investigations and provide customized, affordable investigation solutions.

In the Pacific Northwest, new businesses are sprouting and individuals are moving here. Snelling fulfills the need to have a reliable, expert private investigation agency who understands the intricacies of successful private investigations. Our private investigators have local expertise and are proficient and skilled in urban or rural settings and with all walks of life.

We conduct private investigations in Portland, Oregon metro area, Oregon, Washington, the Pacific Northwest, nationally and internationally.

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  City Portland, OR
  Zip Code 97223
  Address 7157 SW Beveland Street Suite 100
  Phone Number (877) 706-7375

Customer Testimonials

I was put in contact with Snelling Private Investigators for some investigation work I needed doing in the States. I found Donna to be very thorough, fast and above all, accurate in the information provided to me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Donna and her company.

Snelling Private Investigators helped us with some private investigation at a crucial time. Among other things, they uncovered relevant background information that had been unknown to us

Snelling has been given cases touching in diverse areas of law. Cases handled have been completed within appropriate time frames and confirming documentation has always been provided. Information produced through efforts has been extremely relevant to the issues at hand.

They have outstanding proficiency in many areas compared to other investigators. I would choose to have Snelling Private Investigators on my side if the need ever arose, and often recommend them.

From Our Website

Our private investigation agency was formed in California as Snelling & Associates in 1987. In 1993, it was moved to Portland, Oregon where Donna Snelling was educated, arming 15 years of licensed experience. Today, we are Snelling Private Investigators & Background Services, LLC. Donna Snelling is our founder and the director. She has performed and managed private investigations and private investigation agencies since 1978 - from high profile and complex cases to internal fraud and high liability cases for countless government, business, legal and private clients.

Snelling Private Investigators has 40 years of experience for business background investigation, competitive intelligence and surveillance. Our custom business background investigation services help businesses, investors, competitors and individuals to investigate a company's background and their competitors. We give you pertinent information and business intelligence. We will investigate companies, key employees, officers, executives and partners and will perform a site inspection check. Over and above, many national private investigation firms and Oregon and Washington private investigation companies don't employ local private investigators; they subcontract a case.

At Snelling Private Investigators, our Portland Oregon - Vancouver Washington detectives have 30-plus years of professional licensed private investigation, including business investigation services, personal investigation services, legal investigation services and full background check services, including national and international services. We have been involved with thousands of cases for crucial decisions and first-class results. Call us 7 days or contact us online. Personal investigation services including infidelity, divorce, child custody, false accusations, elder welfare, hidden assets, personal lawsuits, internet, and more.

Snelling Private Investigators & Background Services provide custom background checks for business, investors and private clients. For 30+ years, we have specialized in fraud and background investigation, we take background check services seriously. We read deeper into data and recognize "red flags." Background checks can be limited or extensive based on your particular needs and questions. We provide criminal history searches, personal background checks and business checks for business, including employee background check investigations.

Snelling Private Investigators investigate infidelity, adultery or cheating spouses for divorce, custody and just to want the truth. Cheating is a deceptive relationship and we take them seriously. We are advanced surveillance investigators for infidelity or adultery who are local and well-respected. Our infidelity investigation produces credible surveillance video evidence of cheating spouses. We conduct surveillance in many types of cheating, like adultery. In Washington and Oregon, we have obtained video in airports, conferences and hotels and followed for romantic Oregon Coast weekends.

Snelling Private Investigators provides internet investigation, including stalking, identity theft, bullying, defamation, business fraud and infidelity. Social media and the internet have become an important tool in investigation. Today, a cursory check of online activity is part of most investigations. Most of our investigation cases use the internet and in some cases the internet can be the primary investigation tools for identify fraud, defamation, cyberbullying, consumer fraud, business fraud and business background investigation.

We have combined 55+ years of experience of workplace investigations as a corporate, legal and workers compensation investigator and as a personnel director. We are unbiased investigators. We make fair and accurate observations and always fully investigate. Snelling Private Investigators are the first and preliminary responders and we fully investigate before workplace complications arose. We provide workplace violence investigation, misconduct investigation, discrimination investigation, fraud investigation and more.

Finding or locating a person is a specialization. You won't find people by paying an online database. Snelling Private Investigators can locate people, find a missing person or missing heirs, find family and friends and find a person who owes money. We locate or find people for business, legal and personal reasons. We will also search for a missing person. 1. A legal or legitimate reason means that the business or individual has some sort of legal or legitimate matter to clear up with them. We will provide contact information to business or individuals who are involved in some type of legal matter with the subject.