Sean Ditty is one of the co-founders of Clear Choice, a respected background screening firm specializing in employment and criminal background checks. Sean Ditty and his staff have offered services to Worker's Compensation Fraud, Family Law and Criminal Defense attorneys throughout the US.

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  City Redding , CA
  Zip Code 96003
  Phone Number (530) 949-7511

Sean Ditty was a waste of money. The only information he ever attained about the case we hired him for was information we gave him. We haven't heard back from him since I asked him how much money was left on our retainer after he made 2 phone calls to a place of business we were investigating whether or not a particular person was employed there. Apparently is costs $600 to make 2 calls.

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I would not recommend this Mr. Sean Ditty. He met with my daughter and I back in March of 2012. At our first meeting we paid Mr. Ditty $800. The agreement was that he would give us a deal and only charge $65 an hour. The following week when we tried to contact Mr. Ditty about the background check he was to perform, he was unable to be contacted. Two weeks later he informed us his father was having medical issues out of town and he had been dealing with that. He finally did the background check which ended up containing out of date information compared to the background check we had performed on our own.

Later we asked that Mr. Ditty take surveillance pictures and he did send two pictures via text to my phone. The only other activity Mr. Ditty performed was a phone conversation with my daughter going over a declaration for the courts. Mr. Ditty requested some of the information be modified in order to make things worse than they were. My daughter did not turn that paper into the courts as she did not feel it was appropriate to submit a document that contained lies. Later in March we asked Mr. Ditty for a lawyer referral at which time he texted me the name of a local lawyer.

We did not contact Mr. Ditty again until September 13, 2012 at which point we requested he attend and film a meeting. At this point Mr. Ditty informed us that there was no money left on our account and due to me being “rude” he was not willing to accept any more money and he wished to have nothing to do with our case.

I subsequently sent Mr. Ditty a text requesting that he submit to us a printout showing how he justified depleting the $800 as well as a document detailing when I was rude to him.
Mr. Ditty did not perform 12 hours of work as he had charged us for. He is aware of that, which is why he felt the need to accuse me of being rude, which I will now be obliged to do. I doubt he was ever in law enforcement or attended Simpson University. He could not perform an up-to-date in depth background check and he feels it’s alright to lie on court documents. To hire Mr. Ditty would be a travesty for anyone. You would have better luck planting your money in the ground and waiting for it to sprout.

Value for money$800 for 2.5 hrs of work
Service & supportPoor service, No support
Overall ratingPoor