Owner and Head Detective, Jim Rodgers, is a veteran Unites States Marine and Retires Williamsport City Police Officer with over 20 years of extensive training and experience. He has conducted thousands of hours of investigative time, is knowledgeable in criminal court proceedings, and most importantly, he has common sense. Here as Rodgers Investigations, we are adamant professionals grounded and guided by morals and values. Honesty, integrity, and discretion are at the top of those values.

At Rodgers Investigations, we strive to provide the best detective services possible. We are here to assist and serve you with any case or investigation you may have. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

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  City Turbotville, PA
  Phone Number (570) 772-3148

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There are lots of reasons to request the service of a Private Detective; Employee theft, Misconduct, Harassment, Fraud, Property Recovery, Preparation for Civil or Criminal trials, and hundreds of other reasons. Unlike filing a report with the police, Private Detective Reports are kept confidential and out of the public eye.


Rodgers Investigations are surveillance experts. If you need surveillance on a person or place we can help. Whether it's a workman compensation case or an infidelity case we are here for you.

Litigation Support

We provide investigator support for pending litigation. We can do site photography, witness interviews, check measurements, and more.

Criminal Charges

If you believe a crime was committed and you want justice I can help. The law in Pennsylvania allows a private citizen to have a private investigation conducted and to file a private criminal complaint.

If it's a crime, I can investigate and often times an arrest can be made. That includes cases ranging from harassment to assault, theft to criminal mischief or vandalism and everything in between. Just because the police can not or will not make an arrest does not mean nothing can be done.

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Here at Rodgers Investigations, we have worked numerous family law cases with great success. We work closely with both the client, and the attorney to build a strong, personalized case. Contact us today to schedule your 30min consultation! https://www.pinow.com/articles/2180/importance-of-hiring-a-private-investigator-as-a-family-law-practitioner
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