Nic Smith and Joanne Parrent are skilled speakers who have presented many informative programs to law companies and associations. How to Legally and Effectively Use Private Investigators - In the wake of the HP and Pellicano scandals, how to determine if an investigator is using legal and ethical means to handle your case.

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Parrent Smith Investigations & Research is a full service private investigation firm. We find information to help you make better decisions, whether in litigation, business or just in order to move on in life. Although we primarily work for attorneys, our clients have included municipalities, non-profits and companies, large and small. Our skills as investigators can be applied to various types of cases. A background check, for example, is important in everything from employment cases to fraud cases to business mergers and acquisitions.

Many attorney clients turn to us when process servers have not been successful serving documents. But it may be faster and cheaper to use us first, rather than waiting. Recently a client called us after spending $500 and a month's time sending a process serving company to a variety of addresses hoping to serve someone. The company had sent our client the bill with the list of addresses they described as "Bad Addresses." Our client asked us to locate the person. After running our databases, including a database that reports where mail for a person is being delivered, we discovered that it was very likely that the individual was living at the very first address to which the process server had been sent.

Parrent Smith Investigations offers a variety of security services to companies and corporations. For companies with security programs already in place, we can provide a comprehensive, objective review of security programs. Our review will provide an expert evaluation of the overall vulnerability of the company, both physical and financial, with specific detail on areas that need improvement, as well as practical recommendations on how to improve security.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines fraud as "a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain." The number of financial frauds perpetrated in the U.S. has hit an all-time high. The Internet has facilitated both the increase in the number of victims who can be reached by the perpetrators, as well as helping to conceal the true whereabouts of the criminals. At Parrent Smith we have been dealing with financial fraud for decades, and have assisted countless companies, law firms and individuals in determining how the frauds were committed, who the perpetrators really were and assembling the facts into a comprehensible story so that the responsible parties can be held accountable, both financially and criminally.

In all forms of litigation, Parrent Smith Investigations can help attorney clients develop thorough pretrial and trial evidence that will give them the edge in their trial strategies. We can provide comprehensive background information on individuals and companies before or after depositions or document production. PSI also frequently helps attorney clients locate reluctant witnesses and identify previously unknown ones. Our staff can analyze financial records and other discovery materials, as well as provide recommendations for follow-up document requests.

For companies and individuals, due diligence can often save thousands, if not millions, in later costs. Whether a company is contemplating a merger, acquisition, joint venture, distribution arrangement or other business alliance, Parrent Smith Investigations can provide the relevant background information needed before finalizing a deal. Our due diligence investigations include comprehensive public records and database research on companies and their principals, as well as in-depth personal profiles, reviews of company practices and assessments of an individual's or a company's reputation.

Our legal clients include some of the largest firms in California, as well as many small firms and individual practitioners.

Keeping tabs on an individual's activities without being discovered is an art form. Some investigators do it well, others don't. Successful surveillance investigators, whether doing mobile, fixed or on-foot surveillance, must be able to blend into the background of the surroundings and observe and record activities (video) without being noticed by the subject. This requires practice and experience and, at Parrent Smith Investigtions, we only use licensed investigators with the experience and skill needed for the job.