Metro Enforcement is the 1st name mentioned when Private Security & Investigations are thought of. Over twenty five years knowledge makes Metro Enforcement the best choice for all your security requirements. Dedicated, well trained Security and Police Officers working for you, to make sure your family, home and business are safe from unwanted intruders.

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  City Indianapolis, IN
  Zip Code 46260
  Address 7427 Harcourt Road
  Phone Number (317) 202-0911

From Our Website

By being pro-active in the communities we serve by actively raising the level of community awareness and by being active participants in community meetings helping resident create neighborhood watches and be distributing information relevant to current safety issues.

The need for private contract security services has never been greater. Without quoting statistics, simply watching the nightly news is proof positive that crime is on the rise and our cities and towns do not have an adequate number of police officers to stay on top of the problem. We use a GPS service that tracks our officer(s) movements while on a client(s) property. It provides us with a detailed account of their movement will on duty. It's extremely important that we can provide accountability to our client(s) at all times.