At Maley Investigations we pride ourselves in devoting our full attention and resources to each and every client. We work closely with them to tailor investigations and products so that the client obtains the service they need and expect, while at the same time, making sure that the investigation fits within our clients budget requirements. Consequently, our growth is largely attributable to the loyalty and referrals of our current and former clients. Our personalized service is precise, timely and effective. We have a proven track record of many successful investigations.

Our investigators have the ability to work some of the most difficult cases through various investigative techniques including undercover assignments, combined with the most advanced technologies available. We also offer that "personal touch" and professional service that our clients deserve.

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  City Libertyville, IL
  Zip Code 60048
  Address P.O.Box 7463
  Phone Number (847) 557-5083

Products & Services

Litigation Support

We offer a diverse range of services for law firms in need of professional litigation support. We offer comprehensive investigative services, accurate and timely informational research, process service, and thoughtful and experienced consultation on both criminal and civil cases. Our experience involving a wide range of criminal investigations provides a unique perspective regarding case preparation, trial tactics, and expert witness testimony.

We offer professional expert witnesses in areas such as Computer Forensics, Audio and Video, Accident Reconstruction, Use of Force and Pursuits. Our success rate in locating witnesses is over 98 percent.

Corporate Investigations

A growing number of corporate clients are relying upon Maley Investigations to provide critical investigative, consultative and problem-solving approaches to a wide range of corporate management problems. We conduct thorough and objective employee integrity investigations in such areas as policy compliance and personnel misconduct.

Our video surveillance capabilities and law enforcement agency liaison contacts have significantly assisted management in effectively and professionally dealing with workplace personnel problems.

Criminal Investigations

Maley Investigations conducts investigations for the legal, public and private sectors. By combining our experienced investigators with our analytical, technical, and problem solving skills, our investigators provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to criminal investigations. Our investigators have over one hundred combined years of police and investigative experience.

Security Consultation

Our company offers the business community a broad range of security consulting services designed to protect your enterprise from losses, regardless of the size of the business. These losses are estimated to cost U. S. businesses millions of dollars each year.

Missing Persons

The private investigators at Maley Investigations have been able to locate and reconnect hundreds people across the nation, regardless of the time apart or distance. We conduct our search using some of the most recognized and leading information databases in the county.

We pride ourselves in conducting utilizing a variety of methods including public information databases, public record, legal records, and past personal relationships. We use the information found to locate people who have been out of touch for years and even decades.

Workers Compensation

Preventing a single fradulant claim could easily save an employer tens of thousands of dollars. The vast majority of workers' compensation claims are legitimate. Most injured workers just want appropriate medical treatment and compensation for lost wages, until they can return to work.

While some workers might fake an injury just to get a few days off, fraudulent claims usually involve upwards of 120 days off work and significant lump-sum settlements. Surveillance is useful in situations of suspected Worker Compensation Fraud. When dealing with Workers Compensation, we will work with you and your insurance carrier to expose fraudulent employee claims.

Customer Testimonials

Our Law Firm wanted to take the time to write you and express our appreciation once again for your professionalism and diligence on (a criminal case). All your efforts and investigative skills were invaluable in preparing our defense. We have a great deal of respect for you because we believe your work and personal attention on this case contributed so significantly to the information and evidence that resulted in the Judge's decision.

I am writing to personally thank you and your firm for your professional and first rate service in locating my long lost family member. I have been searching for over two years for a family member I had lost contact with over forty years ago. After failing on my own I was lucky enough to contact you with nothing more than a name, approximate age, and a possible city of residence. To my surprise you were not only able to locate this person for me, you were able to find out he lives about 150 miles from me as opposed to the 1500 miles I suspected. Thanks again for your professional and competent service. Your work is first class.

Your efforts in assisting in a smooth transition were very helpful. I believe your insight and accompanying recommendations regarding a number of operational and administrative issues were right on target. The collaborative approach you brought to the process made it a team effort and led to the implementation of the recommendations you provided. I personally found your assistance to be most helpful and professional.

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