Attorney John Paul Carroll and his associates offer legal representation limited to the areas of serious individual injury, medical malpractice and serious criminal defense cases, including white collar crime. As a former Chicago Police Homicide Detective, undercover narcotics officer assigned to the federal.

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  City Naperville, IL
  Zip Code 60540
  Phone Number (630) 717-5000

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The Firm of John Paul Carroll and Associates accepts personal injury, medical malpractice, and criminal defense cases of a serious nature. In serious personal injury or medical malpractice cases, one third of any money recovered on your behalf will be the only fee for attorney services, while two-thirds of the settlement or verdict goes to the client. Almost universally this award is tax free to the injured party. John Paul Carroll and Associates will advance all costs for litigation, and if there is no monetary recovery, the client will owe no attorney's fees.

John Paul Carroll believes that every client has a right to immediately know what the attorney's fees will be in any criminal case. These fees are fair and reasonable and are payable at the time representation of the client is accepted. John Paul Carroll will stand behind his fee agreement, no matter how long the representation or trial may take. Please be aware that these fees are what John Paul Carroll charges, and there are other attorneys who will require less money for their representation.