Insurance Investigations are very common nowadays, as deception among claimants has cost many companies billions of dollars every year.

International Professional Investigators are experts in Insurance Investigations and helps insurance firms identify fraudulent activities. IPI currently represents some of the biggest insurance companies in the world, our staff and team of professional investigators work closely with the claims departments, adjusters, lawyers and legal teams of the firm in an effort to protect against those who try to take advantage of insurance offerings. We provide and specifically specialize in high quality video surveillance for insurance companies, law firms, corporations and businesses.
We take pride in our ability to customize our efforts to reach our customers' objectives. They enjoy knowing they have entrusted their case to a professional investigative company with the skill, experience and expertise to get the information and evidence their case requires. So if you’re tired of getting reports “with no claimant activity” don’t hesitate to call the fraud experts as we are here for our clients and conduct thorough background before any case is commenced.

We provide great rates to our clients with no gimmicks attached!

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  Person Juan Diego Campos
  City Miami, FL
  Zip Code 33157
  Address 18495 South Dixie Hwy Ste 113
  Phone Number (800) 517-2995
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Business Representative

Juan Diego Campos

Vice President

Juan Diego Campos better known as JD is the Vice President of the firm and the go to person when training all new staff. Juan Campos has background in insurance investigations and evaluating claimant fraudulent activity. He is specialist is surveillance and undercover investigations. JD has also worked closely in the Mortgage Fraud area and has conducted many undercover assignments for the PMI insurance industry. He now has a Accounting Degree from the University of Javeriana in Bogota Colombia and a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. JD spend 3 years working as an in house investigator, then was an operations managers overseeing 15-20 field investigators and conducted all the training for the team. His expertise is what has made IPI grow. He believes in honesty and integrity and conducting investigations diligently to fulfill every client’s objective.

Products & Services


Surveillance: IPI has a skilled investigative team on staff that are thoroughly educated and familiar with all of the aspects of surveillance investigations involving pre-surveillance steps, effective surveillance techniques, and legal problems if a trial arises and one of our investigators our required to testify. We diligently develop a plan for each surveillance case personally by carefully analyzing all the information that is available to our staff by forming various DMV records search, current addresses and phone numbers on every claimant. This will assist us to formulate a better approach to every case and provides the best outcome for our clients.

Insurance Investigations

Workers Comp / Auto Liability / Slip and Fall / Medical Malpractice: These tasks include the general scenario where a subject or claimant has been injured due to an auto accident, an accident at work, a slip and fall accident at an establishment or place of company or alleged malpractice on the part of a physician. Our purpose in these cases is to document the subject/claimant in their natural environment. In other words to document the way they would act normally without knowing they are under surveillance. The years of surveillance experience in the field our investigators have allow us to accomplish this goal. The results of these cases will allow our clients to view an individual's general range of motion and activities so that they may compare them with their alleged injuries or losses. We attempt to videotape the subject at every moment possible offering an unbiased documentation of their activities. We take pride in the honesty of our investigations and view ourselves as a neutral party. We are not trying to catch the claimant/subject doing something contrary to their claim. If an individual has exaggerated the extent of their injuries, the videotape will tell if the real story differs from their alleged claims or losses.

Slip and Fall

When a slip and fall occurs anywhere it almost always becomes an insurance matter. Our detectives look into the details of how, where, why and when the incident occurred and try to determine the liability for damages, if applicable. The investigator will try to locate witnesses who may have seen what happened and secure signed statements from them. We will also photograph the scene of the accident and may commission an accident reconstruction using expert witnesses to establish the series of events leading up to the injury.