We are owned and operated by current police officers and it would be considered a conflict of interest. Furthermore, we have no interest in this type of work.

Our surveillance and investigative work is conducted by the most experienced and tenacious detectives available. Our business investigations are conducted by Fraud and Financial Investigations detectives who specialize in these types of investigations within the law enforcement community. They are experts in conducting interviews and interrogations. They are experienced at collecting evidence and presenting it to prosecutors, the Grand Jury and in the court room.

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  City Cleveland, OH
  Zip Code 44113
  Address 50 Public Square Suite 3500
  Phone Number (216) 221-1000

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Business Investigations

We have been doing workers’ compensation, insurance defense, and general surveillance investigations since our inception. Additionally, we’ve been handling theft investigations for nearly as long. We will not only put together the case, but we’ll present it to the Grand Jury and testify in court.

Your business is important to you, and when you need answers there’s nothing more frustrating than not having a resource to turn to. Clients just like you have been turning to and trusting Integrity Investigations with some of their most sensitive problems for the past decade.


Whether you’re suspicious that your spouse is cheating or you are worried about the well-being of your child when in someone else’s custody, we will uncover and document the facts and give you the peace of mind you’re after.

We understand that suspicions of infidelity and matters regarding the safety of your children can be very emotional and that the stakes are high. When it comes to these kinds of personal issues, you need answers and proof fast.


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My name is Paul Baeppler and I started Integrity Investigations in 2004 with only a camcorder and a cell phone. Today, we have offices in Cleveland, New York City and Los Angeles. I've been a Cleveland Police Officer since 1993 where I still work as a lieutenant today. We are here to uncover the truth and expose the facts so our clients can experience the peace of mind and confidence they deserve.

We specialize in protection services for corporate officials and celebrities. We aslo provide professional techniques for dealing with death threats, stalking, harassment, and VIP protection. We are dedicated to providing our clients with Security of the highest quality and professionalism they deserve. We can arrange your Transportation, Home Accommodations, etc, while providing you with a security detail of professionally trained off-duty SWAT officers.

When appropriate for the circumstances, we will often recommend GPS tracking to our clients. The quick answer isusually, Yes. Under these circumstances it is. If I wasn't as polite and reserved as I am, I would add, I'm a police lieutenant with 25 years on the job. Do you really think I'm going to jeopardize my career by doing something illegal for you? The fact is, there are many circumstances where GPS tracking is clearlynotlegal. At the same time, there are several situations where putting a GPS tracker on a vehicleis permissibleunder the law.

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