Rick Hudson is the manager and operator of Hudson Investigations. Mr. Hudson has mare than 20 years of law enforcement and investigative experience. This experience comes from 10 years in the United States Army as a military policeman and over 10 years as a police officer in Orange County. While a police officer, Mr. Hudson became Investigator where he conducted investigations on suspects included in high-level drug trafficking and money laundering.

While a police officer, Mr. Hudson was known for his attention to detail and his ability to finish his cases all the way through the investigative process. During his work in law enforcement, Mr. Hudson got many distinguished awards and has been recognized for many achievements, including employee of the year.

Mr. Hudson has over 3000 hours of formalized training in law enforcement and is continuously furthering his education from local colleges.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Surveillance
  • Asset Investigations
  • Background checks
  • Auto Accidents
  • Witness interviews
  • Missing Persons

Serviced Areas

  • Aliso, Viejo, Anaheim, Brea, Buena, Park Costa Mesa, Cypress, Dana, Point Fountain Valley, Fullerton Garden

Contact Details

  City Irvine, CA
  Zip Code 92614
  Address 3 Park Plaza, Ste. 1650
  Phone Number (800) 573-6921

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I had a great experience with Hudson Investigations. They kept me in the loop at all times during the investigation, usually hourly. They told me what to expect, and they delivered. I highly recommend them!

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Customer Testimonials

I am a Registered Process Server and I highly recommend Hudson Investigations, we have used them to locate multiple hard to find individuals and companies and they have proven to be very diligent and good at what they do. We also have utilized them for surveillance stakeouts on hard to locate and serve individuals who avoid regular service attempts and they have proven to be very successful at obtaining results. We also have recommended Hudson Investigations to many of our attorney clients who need a private instigator and have heard great feedback as well from them. They provide an invaluable service to our company and we would highly recommend them for any investigative services.

I am a Colorado corporation that has used Rick and his staff many times in the past and they have ALWAYS been very prompt and professional in their business dealings. I would highly recommend them for any investigative needs.

I found Hudson Investigations to be extremely accessible, thorough and professional. Rick called me back and responded to my emails in a timely manner. I found his services offered a high degree of intelligence, integrity and confidentiality. I was very happy with the results, money well spent. Thank you for your hard work and for the positive outcome.

I highly recommend Rick Hudson and his team. I have hired Hudson investigations on several occasions to do sensitive and complex work to ensure the safety and well being of my clients. His organization is ethical, hard working and true to their word. Rick is extremely easy to work with, and his work ethic is just amazing. I have had Hudson Investigations working with me all over the country and their willingness to move quickly and problem solve is unique in this business. If you are looking for the A team, look no further.

From Our Website

Our experienced Irvine private investigators specialize in working with each client individually through personal type cases pertaining to divorce, infidelity, child custody, missing persons, background checks, asset locating, cheating spouse, and all discreet and confidential issues. Hudson Investigations, Inc. can handle all of your needs in Irvine & Orange County including cheating spouse investigations, asset investigations, worker's comp, employee theft, background investigations, pre-employment background screening, divorce, locating and interviewing witnesses, process serving, and fraud.

All background checks conducted by our California private investigators are strictly confidential, the person being investigated does not find out about the background check being done on them. Depending on the situation, not knowing someone's pas history can have dire financial, emotional and legal. Whether you need a background check done for pre-employment, legal or personal reasons, we can provide you with a comprehensive background report on an individual or a company. A nationwide background check can include: identity and address verification, employment history, credit and financial information, past bankruptcies filed and/or approved, criminal records, marriage records, properties owned, business relationships, character references, and more.

A workers' compensation investigation can ensure workers who file claims are entitled to the compensation they receive. This allows more money to be available to workers with legitimate claims by mitigating losses to employers and insurance companies. If you are concerned with workers' compensation fraud, a workers' compensation investigation can help you.

Are you trying to locate someone in Orange County or in California? Do you need a nationwide or international search done on a missing person? Our California private investigators are experienced in locating people who you've lost touch with and people who are intentionally hiding because they owe you and others money. Our people locates and skip tracing services are done using computer based research, phone work and private investigators in the field. We utilize the best professional databases in the country and if you are looking for someone who owes you money we can also assist with locating hidden assets and judgment enforcement.

Whether it's tracking a loved one, spouse, teens, vehicle, vessel or company asset in Orange County or anywhere in California, our G.P.S. Tracking Device will provide you with data 24 hours a day for whatever you have being tracked. Data recorded onto the G.P.S. Tracking Device includes: direction/orientation, route traveled, speed, active driving time, arrival addresses, and duration of stops. The information recorded by the G.P.S. Tracking device can be read in a daily text log, route display over a street map, and/or satellite imagery through Google Earth.