Hawaii Pacific Investigations is a full-service investigation agency that experts in surveillance, skip tracing and undercover operations.

We offer you reliable, confidential and affordable private investigative services for your insurance, legal, corporate, government or personal requirements.

HPI's integrity, commitment, competence and creativity ensure the results you demand.

Based on Oahu, Hawaii, HPI is
licensed, insured and bonded
Hawaii Lic# PD968
backed with 15 years experience and countless satisfied clients
expert, discreet and effective
highly skilled and trained (special forces of the Israeli Army, I.D.F.)
multi-lingual with an understanding of diverse clients
affordable and flexible to cater to your specific needs

Operations are specifically constructed for our customers' needs, combining high-tech equipment with traditional investigative techniques to ensure accurate and timely results.

We only take a case when we are certain we can meet your expectations and deliver results.

Contact Details

  Person Ethan Waldinger
  City Holualoa, HI
  Zip Code 25990
  Phone Number (808) 386-9557

Business Representative

Ethan Waldinger


Hawaii Pacific Investigations is owned and run by Ethan Waldinger, a veteran private investigator with extensive training and knowing of surveillance, skip tracing and undercover operations. Mr. Waldinger completed his service in the Israeli Army, where he was a combat soldier and a commander in the Special Forces. Mr. Waldinger has a degree in Business Management from Hawaii Pacific University and has been an investigator in Hawaii for several years.

Products & Services

Personal services

Matrimonial investigations
Skip tracing
Background research
Undercover operations
Witness interviews
Infidelity investigations
Child custody issues
Divorce actions
Stalking & harassment
Counter surveillance
Locating missing persons
Fraud & scams

Business Services

Loss prevention
Internal & external theft
Undercover operations
Background research
Asset recovery/investigations
Witness/victim interviews
Accident investigations
Identifying counterfeit merchandise
Skip tracing

Legal Services

Counter surveillance
Illegal immigration investigations
Difficult service of process
Interviews & interrogations
Identifying counterfeit merchandise
Undercover operations
Witness locations
Asset investigations
Legal research
Criminal investigations
Court testimony
Computer forensics