If you're looking for a licensed private investigator in Houston, TX then look no further, you've found it. Gradoni & Associates has been licenses in Texas since 1989 as private investigator, and held in good standing. Our firm employs former federal agents, former police officers and former detectives to aid us in our quests of being one of the best investigation firms in Houston.

We offer a range of investigator services including surveillance investigations, inquiries into cheating and infidelity, uncovering embezzlement schemes, missing persons, and criminal defense investigations which have shown to be of high impact during capital murder trials, and other criminal matters. We've also been at the forefront of uncovering workers compensation fraud, and other insurance schemes as well. We've a plethora of references which include attorneys, law firms, insurers and large corporations for anyone looking to see what our clients have said about us.

Gradoni & Associates offers background checks, corporate investigations, criminal investigations, divorce and infidelity related detective services, insurance fraud investigations, pre-marital & pre-employment screening, surveillance ops, social & character investigations, and forensic (computer) data analysis. If you need the services of a professional, licensed private investigation agency in Houston, contact Gradoni & Associates.

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  City Houston , TX
  Zip Code 77068
  Address 2611 Cypress Creek Pkwy #C100
  Phone Number (281) 440-0800
  Tollfree (800) 803-9186

Products & Services

Background Checks & Character Investigations

A background investigation is the accumulation of historical data about an individual or entity. The information obtained by the investigator may be positive, negative or a combination of both.
Gradoni & Associates has conducted background checks and informational services for individuals and corporations in the Houston area for nearly 20 years.

Corporate Investigations

Gradoni & Associates have been called upon by corporate clients to:
Compile competitor intelligence.
Identify & prevent leaks of proprietary information.
Secure computer / hard drive data.
Performance background checks for new hires.
Sweep for electronic listening devices
Protect corporate assets.
Protect corporate officers.
Investigate internal theft.
Investigate fraudulent workmen compensation claims.
Trademark Infringement / Counterfeit Merchandise

Family Investigations

Gradoni & Associates has been called on by many family law attorneys to conduct investigations into cheating, for surveillances related to court orders for matters involving child custody, and for the gathering of evidence to support child custody battles.
We've also been involved in a number investigations which involved the uncovering of adultery and drug use among parents involved in divorce proceedings.

Customer Testimonials

They came through for us on our case. I though I was being railroaded on my case, the police didn't believe us, and I thought I was finished. When my lawyer Jack B. Carroll hired a private detective to investigate my claims, I thought he was just trying to raise my legal bill, but when the investigator came to court and testified on my behalf, with evidence that they got from God knows where, I knew the light was gonna shine on me. Even though I don't know these guys, my freedom is a testament to their expertise as private eyes. Thanks guys!

When I thought he was cheating on me I figured I was just having unfounded suspicions. I'm glad I didn't marry that bastard. Thanks JJ for showing me the truth. A sharp gentleman and a great private eye. The investigation report was very detailed and I could make out everything and every face that I saw in the surveillance photos. Thanks for everything.

They handle their business with silence, and provide comprehensive data, video, images, and detailed investigation reports. I don't care to share much about our relationship, but I can certainly recommend Gradoni & Associates if you're looking for one of the best investigators in practice and ethics.


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Our staff includes audio-visual experts and professional surveillance agents with undercover experience. Our investigative team also has a premise liability and security expert, a certified public accountant, and experienced Civil Rights investigators.
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