Empire Specialized Investigations specialized investigation agency we focus our knowledge, skills and expertise on investigative services that will bring our clients exceptional work product and unparalleled service results. We take pride in our diversity, expertise, and professionalism. In the interest of the clients our private investigators have an extensive range of expertise in their specific fields of service.

ESI has a well-trained team composed of experienced detectives, technicians and staff. We serve our clients with integrity, dogged tenacity and professionalism. Our client's confidentiality is a fundamental priority, while respecting their private lives and protecting personal information with the utmost discretion. We are confident that we can come up with solutions and answers even in the most difficult cases.

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  • Video Surveillance for Infidelity Cheating Spouse Investigations & Asset Investigations

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Infidelity Cheating Spouse Video Surveillance Investigations

Infidelity Cheating Spouse Video Surveillance Investigations

With infidelity reaching epidemic proportions, everyone should learn how to recognize the signs of infidelity. Empire Specialized Investigations wants to provide you with the warning signs of infidelity and a cheating spouse. Hopefully began the first steps to take to resolve this serious problem affecting your relationship.

The future of your relationship could depend on your ability to spot the signs in time. In view of the rapidly rising divorce rates, and current statistics showing that 50% to 70% of men cheat on their mates, and women cheat 40% to 50% on their mates. As a spouse or partner in a relationship you can no longer afford to pretend and be the "last one to know. "

Suspicion is based on specific clues (unexplained absences, unusual phone calls, etc.) . This is often circumstantial evidence. Intuition on the other hand, requires no evidence. It's a gut feeling and is purely abstract. It's that indescribable knowing that something just isn't right. There are times when you may not be able to pinpoint the cause. Inside you just know'something is wrong! Confronting those feelings can be an emotionally overwhelming experience. For most people, their biggest relationship fear is being the victim of infidelity.

GPS Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Equipment Rental

GPS Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Equipment Rental

Our GPS vehicle car tracking systems can allow the surveillance and following of a subject without the expense of having an investigator, or a team of investigators; track the subject over a period of days. Vehicle tracking and satellite tracking systems make use of GPS satellite positioning technology to compute positions on the Earth and record a vehicle's movements. GPS Tracking allows us to gain very detailed information of a vehicle and persons whereabouts at a low cost and without the danger of being noticed by the individual under surveillance or the possibility of loosing the subject in traffic. GPS Vehicle Tracking is an ideal solution when suspicions arise about a vehicle.

With our GPS System ESI can:

Track a vehicle to the nearest address.
Determine how long the vehicle remained at any given destination.
How fast the vehicle was driven.

Provide details of suspicious activities. Is your partner really going where they said they would?
See if your spouse is actually working late?
Stop employee abuse of company cars and vehicles and employee unauthorized deviations from scheduled routes.

Asset Search PI - Find debtor bank accounts Nationwide Services

Asset Search PI - Find debtor bank accounts Nationwide Services

Do you have a civil judgment and the debtor won't pay? Think about it if you haven't been paid
the debtor isn't going to volunteer? There's no reason to wait any longer!

"ESI: Licensed Private Investigator Providing Professional Investigation Services in Asset Search - Asset Investigations - Bank Levy - Writs- In-depth Financial Investigation Services - to Businesses, Attorneys, Law Firms and Private Clients Nationwide"

Empire Specialized Investigations conducts asset investigation, asset searches and in-depth financial investigations in all 50 states. Debtors can accumulate assets in both their personal and business ventures.

The types of assets ESI finds are: Bank Accounts Savings Accounts Brokerage Accounts Rental Income Stocks & Bonds Money Market Accounts Saving Accounts Agreements Contracts Balloon Payments Divorce Records Property Equipment for personal and business use Boats RVs Business Revenue. etc.

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