CTC Investigations is a licensed and bonded, CLEET certified Armed Private Investigator serving the OKC Metro. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, or need help in locating someone we are here to help.

What sets CTC Investigations apart from other Oklahoma City private investigators? Our attention to detail as well as our dedication to getting favorable professional results on each case we accept are just two noticeable qualities that set us apart from other Oklahoma investigators. We truly offer the highest quality of service in Oklahoma!

Another distinctive quality Discretion We all know that there are instances where your contact with a private investigator is something that others must not be aware of. We are going to develop a plan that ensures your confidentiality. If you can't talk when we call, you can simply say you have the wrong number, or I am not interested. If you prefer e-mail and texting we can find alternative ways in which we can talk to you.

CTC Investigations, LLC is extremely flexible and adaptable and can blend into most any environment. Our ability to blend into many environments is a unique characteristic that not all Oklahoma investigators possess.

Serviced Areas

  • Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Cleveland County, Oklahoma County

Payment Options

  • American Express, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, VISA

Contact Details

  City Oklahoma City , OK
  Zip Code 73170
  Address 10600 S Pennsylvania Suite 16-265
  Phone Number (405) 412-6400

Products & Services

Business Services

Background check
When you are hiring new employees, you need to factor in the success and reputation of your business.

PI Services for Business Investigations
A PI will help you conduct a number of business investigations.

A PI will use surveillance to observe a person, your business premises, vehicle or even any other location, for instance, a person's home or office.

Employee Compliance
Today's complex business environment needs companies to ensure that their employees act lawfully and avoid impropriety.

Fraud investigations
When you find that some assets are missing, some bribes have been taken, or that some books have not been kept accurately, there could be some ongoing fraud.

Workers compensation claims investigations
Workers compensation claims are intended for employees who get injured while on the job.

Personal Services

Background Checks
A PI can perform background checks on individuals or companies for corporations, law firms, and private citizens.

Child Custody & Family Law
When people change their names or move, it can be very difficult to track them down. Even the courts may not have enough resources to locate them.

Surveillance is also among the services a PI can perform for people in Oklahoma City. If you suspect that your partner is being deceitful, the private detective can help you find proof to be able to support your claims or confront them.

This is one of the most popular reasons why people hire a PI in Oklahoma City. It can be really hard to get proof of your spouse's adultery or other behavior that you cannot tolerate on your own. With the help of a PI, you can be able to find the proof easily in order to establish grounds for divorce.

Infidelity and Marital Affairs
A private investigator can also help you uncover truths about infidelity and other marital affairs. They can follow your spouse and get video or photographic evidence that can be of great help in a court of law.

People Finder
A private investigator in Oklahoma City can also help you track down a missing person.

Process Service
It is the right and due process of the law for every person to be notified if legal action is taken against them. Documents pertaining to the actions that a person is being charged for are required to be delivered in person. However, there are some cases where people do not wish to be served by legal documents.

Customer Testimonials

Colleen is a great private investigator and super easy to work with. She is quick, thorough and takes the time to understand your needs before taking any action. Give her a call if you need some work done.


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