We offer professional investigative services and litigation support consulting to: attorneys, corporate business, insurance, government and private customers. we provide a wide variety of general investigative services: personal background checks, insurance fraud, interviewing claimants and witnesses,missing persons, child abduction / runaway, location and recovery, children, family. We conduct administrative, civil and criminal investigations that provide tangible and admissible results by thorough analytical and detailed work that is documented in a professionally written report.

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  • Administrative, Civil and Criminal Investigations

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  • Tampa Bay Area, Clearwater Beach

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  Person Constantine Janus
  City Clearwater Beach, FL
  Zip Code 33767
  Address 644 Island Way, No. 307
  Phone Number (727) 489-2123
  Mobile (727) 460-8429
  Fax (727) 489-2112

Business Representative

Constantine Janus

Agency Principal

He has over twenty years of experience and training in both the public and private sectors in conducting administrative, civil and criminal investigations. He retired from public law enforcement as a Deputy Inspector General for the State of Pennsylvania.

The Office of Inspector General worked for and reported directly to the Governor. It was charged with the authority and oversight to make internal investigations, departmental investigations of fraud, waste and abuse as well as operational and program compliance reviews, in all Executive Agencies under the Governorís jurisdiction. It also conducted complex and high profile criminal investigations.

From Our Website

We Specialize in Preparing Plaintiff and Defense Cases for Trial for Attorneys. We gather information and evidence which advance the attorney's legal theories in a client's case. We assist attorneys to uncover reasonable doubt by reviewing documents, police reports and discovery materials, analyzing and photographing crime or accident scenes, interviewing parties and witnesses, performing background investigations, preparing documentary and demonstrative evidence. We comprehensively document our findings and analysis in a written report as it would be done for a prosecutor.

We will practice the highest level of commitment to client services. We will only operate within the defined scope and focus of a client's investigative objective. We will only conduct investigations for lawfully permitted purposes.