We work in many different industries with clients of all sizes and locations. Our team possesses deep global operating experience on every continent around the world.

We also partner with our advisory and consulting firms to augment their services.

We work with our clients to understand their specific challenges and then craft a set of solutions that improve their capabilities and matures the resiliency of their organization.

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Business Continuity

Disruptions to your business operations can occur at any time, with or without warning. Risks ranging from natural disasters, industrial accents, unforeseen extended power outages, and cyber attacks occur every minute of every day in every industry.

While the threat from a disruption cannot be eliminated, Bryghtpath can help you aggressively evaluate and manage your risks.

We have extensive experience in evaluating, developing, and implementing business continuity programs in small, medium, and large enterprises, including both regulated and nonregulated services.

Crisis/Emergency Management

Our solutions can be tailored to deliver results in the following areas:

Crisis advisors during an immediate crisis situation, as a member or leader of your crisis management team
Strategic reviews of crisis management programs
On-call support and leadership, as needed, in an immediate crisis
Executive consultancy on implementing or maturing a crisis management program
Support to crisis management leaders, senior executives, special committees, and Boards of Directors
Exercises for crisis leaders at all levels, including C-Suite and Boards of Directors Public-private partnership support for information sharing and best practices with state and federal agencies (DHS, FEMA, FBI, and others)
Crisis Communications support and advice
Partnerships with service providers, such as medical/security evacuation firms and global security specialists
Standards: NFPA 1600, ISO 22301, ASIS SPC. 1, NIMS/ICS, and the DHS/FEMA national frameworks

Intelligence & Global Security Strategies

Organizations today often operate globally ranging from low-risk environments like North America to moderate and high risk environments such as portions of Africa and Asia. In today's hyper-connected global economy, it's critical to quickly become aware as new threats emerge and security situations evolve around the world.

While the risks of unforeseen events can never fully be eliminated, Bryghtpath can help ensure the safety and security of your employees, travelers, and assets globally.


Bryghtpath | Crisis Management

In a time of crisis, whether from a natural disaster, a reputational challenge, or a disruption to your business operations, the ability for an organization to rapidly assess a situation, escalate information, make decisions collaboratively, and communicate clearly the actions being undertaken are critical to its survival.

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