Blue Heron Investigations is an experienced, complete service, Minnesota private detective agency that is been serving attorneys, businesses, insurance claims specialists and the general public for well over 20 years. Located in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota, where we remain a convenient source for your investigative and surveillance requirements within the twin cities, our services are now provided throughout the whole US.

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  City Minneapolis , MN
  Zip Code 55449
  Address A LOCAL Detective Agency - NOT a broker!
  Phone Number (651) 917-7324

  • I would not recommend this business
  • slow, disloyal, expensive

Buyer Beware: They may turn the investigation on you! I hired Thomas M. Goodpaster to check on my Uncle and Grandmother after many years of estrangement. I asked him to investigate if my Uncle was attempting to block me from contacting and reuniting with my Grandmother. Tom asked for 400 and gave me this long rant on the phone about he only works for me and nobody but me. Anyway, it took him a week to drive something like 7 miles and check on my uncle. Not that I minded, but when he finally did the job, it wasn't what I expected. Even though I already told him my uncle might be gatekeeping my Grandmother and preventing contact, Tom 'informed' me that my uncle no longer wants contact and that he 'gets the impression' that my Grandmother probably doesn't either. So I got some of the info I needed, but boy did this Thomas Goodpaster guy turn out to be disloyal, and as a result he failed completely my primary objective. Complete lack of seriousness and ethics at shi Blue Heron location. This is why you don't pay the tree trimmer up front!!

The primary objective: Find out why my uncle might be trying to block communication after my Grandmother sent me a wonderful email which I replied back to in a wonderful way. I didn't get any replies since, and I think it's well within my rights to investigate. Tom apparently disagrees. He replied on my Google Maps review with a libelous attack against my character. You'd think he'd provide a refund before doing that. Unethical, to say the least.

Value for moneyUnethical, to say the least.
Service & supportUnethical, to say the least.
QualityUnethical, to say the least.
LocationUnethical, to say the least.
Overall ratingPoor