Our Core Values Safety 1 st American Security is committed to guarantee that our customers and our associates are delivered a safe, secure and healthy work environment. We will follow our Safety 1 st process to increase safety awareness, eliminate unsafe acts and conditions and maintain a constant Safety 1 st attitude in order to create an environment where zero accidents and zero injuries is the norm.

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  City Saint Paul, MN
  Zip Code 55104
  Address 1717 University Avenue West
  Phone Number (651) 644-1155

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American Security LLC has provided security, investigative, and consulting services since 1959. A strong commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled us to become the largest independently owned, full service security agency in the Midwest. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, American Security has operations in six states; Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. American Security employs in excess of 1,500 professionals engaged in security and security related services. We have clients with service needs in excess of 2,000 hours per week and as few as 20 hours per week.

Traditional security scenarios fall into one of two categories; video cameras (sometimes being monitored) and live guard patrols. In most cases where the video feed is being monitored, it is being done by the live guard on premise. What happens when the guard needs to respond to an event viewed on the monitor? The guard stops viewing the activity to move to the location of the event not knowing what has happened in the interim. American Security & Investigations eliminates the unknown in this situation by remotely surveying the video using live Intervention Specialists in our remote monitoring facility and communicating with the live guard as he/she responds to the location.

American Security & Investigations provides a variety of investigative services to meet the needs of our customers. Asset Search may include a request for bank account numbers, brokerage and mutual fund information, real property, bankruptcies, liens and judgments. In order to conduct this type of search, you must provide American Security & Investigations with a social security number or Tax I.D. number. Consumer Credit Reports provide a seven-year history of an individual's credit history. American Security & Investigations requires a consent and authorization by the subject and must accompany the request for a credit report in order to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Security is never simple and threats never one-dimensional. American Security and Investigations is one of the largest independently owned, full-service security agencies in the U.S. Our holistic approach to security assures that each of our clients receive a complete and comprehensive solution to protect what is of value to them; whether it be a business, school, campus, job-site, equipment or more. Holistic security systems created by American Security are layered programs, tailored for specific needs, and integrated into a client's risk management program.

American Security & Investigations is pleased to announce the acquisition of Premier Security, Inc, effective November 8, 2020. Premier Security, Inc is based in Rochester, MN, and offers manned guarding and investigative services on a regional level. Premier Security's talented management team has built a reputable business offering top-of-the-line security services on a regional level. Congratulations to James Ristvedt for placing first in the 2019 Arizona Uniform Bar Examination. ASI is proud to have James on our team as the Vice President of Investigative Services for our wholly owned subsidiary, Heartland Investigative Group.

We offer protective and preventative services that scores of businesses have come to depend on. From uniformed security officers to discreet executive consultation, we are dedicated to unwavering professionalism, state-of-the-art technology, specialized training, and a clear-eyed assessment of the risks you face. ASI provides clients with skilled and experienced security officers, loss prevention specialists, and executive protection agents. Through our proprietary training programs and sophisticated support structures, we ensue our teams lead the industry in professionalism and expertise.