Accurate Investigations offers detailed research, professional discretion, confidentiality and we get to the truth for our clients whether it be an attorney, claims representative, private business government agency or individual.

We leave no stone unturned in gaining evidence for your divorce or child custody case, follow through with surveillance in infidelity, insurance fraud, personal inquiries and research for adoption reunions, missing persons, and or family situations. We provide detailed well written reports with video and photos to your attorneys, claims office, business owner and private parties.

Our clients are important to us and our goal is to meet your objectives in a timely manner without compromising the integrity of the work.

We look forward to helping you with our services. Knowing that we cannot be qualified in every single situation we also work with other professionals to meet your needs whether it be a former law enforcement officer, military person, professional body guard, arson investigator, accident re-constructionist, polygraph examiner, or specialized credential person such as an expert witness.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Surveillance, Investigations, Detailed Research, Due Diligence, Professional, Trained & Equipped
  • Cameras, Camcorders, covert audio and video used legally
  • Business consulting, Business integrity checks, surveillance, workplace
  • Unsolved crimes
  • Witness statements Witness interviews
  • Legal Process service, attorney assistance

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Association of Mississippi Professional Private Investigators, Founder
  • Global Association OF Private Investigators, National Licensed Legal Investigators
  • National Association of Investigation Specialists, PI-NOW, Serve-Now, Gotcha Served
  • Certificate in Family Counseling, FBI Certification Foley Forensic Seminar. Life Insurance Producer

Serviced Areas

  • Mississippi & Nationwide

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Debit Cards, Google Checkout, MasterCard, Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, VISA, Money Gram, Western Union, Cash, 7 day business hold on personal checks, company checks also accepted

Contact Details

  Person Gladys Brierley
  City Newton , MS
  Zip Code 39345
  Address PO Box 872
  Phone Number (601) 683-2094
  Mobile {601} 4803181

Business Representative

Gladys Brierley


B A Political Science, minor Corrections, certificate in family counseling, former training and internship as probation officer, worked in mental health field in state mental health hospitals & groups homes, formerly owned professional cleaning service, retail shop, and have had training and study in various disciplines.

Spent two years investigating online child predators, recent investigations include domestic, divorce & child custody, infidelity, substance abuse, insurance fraud, surveillance, online research, in person and phone interviews, court records research, legal process service.

9 years as a Private Investigator and Legal Process Server
Training obtained in surveillance and search & rescue working on certification. FBI Certification Foley Forensic Seminar 2013.

Products & Services

Adoption, Child Custody, Divorce, Cheating Spouses, Premarital Preemployment Verification. Business Integrity & Background Checks, Copy Right Infringement Violations, Cult Investigation, Internet Catfishing, Insurance claims surveillance, statements, interviews, Fraud Political Candidates Surveillance employer, private, business, undercover workplace Business consulting unsolved cases missing persons criminal defense.

Legal Process Service & Attorney Services Filing & Courier Locates

We enjoy working with law firms and attorneys all over the United States. Our track record on completed serves is 98%. Only twice have we had to refer a serve to a law enforcement representative and a couple of other times the subjects moved out of state. We just plan well and get a good address. Also we are creative in getting the serve done. If acceptable we will call a person and make arrangements to meet them somewhere if they are away from home.

We treat people with respect realizing that everyone has a right to know they have a legal proceeding or some other important legal matter they need to address. We are thoughtful and non judgmental in our approach. This makes even the most evasive person feel comfortable that we are concerned about their legal rights to respond and that we are not a party to the action and have no opinion or criticism. We see ourselves as servants rather than using an authoritative approach however when necessary we can stand firm and complete the serve in the most difficult of circumstances. If you need to check our references we will be happy to provide those to you.

Promotions & Discounts

Military Discount 5%

I give a discount to all active military and their spouses. I take this off my hourly rate or give extra services beyond the payment.

Customer Testimonials

“Gladys is very knowledgeable and is extremely hard working in the professional. I have consulted with Gladys on complex cases and have always found the answers I was looking for. I highly recommend the integrity of the work she produces.” October 27, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

Gladys did a fantastic job finding my birth mother. The information I had lacked a family name and she was able to access and locate my birth mother within two weeks. For 15 years I attempted this feat, and Gladys accomplished it within two weeks. The reunion has been a joyful one and has meant the world to both myself and birth mother.

This is added from my webpage guest book. I have chosen to disguise the father's name due to the nature of the investigation.

This came in to me by way of email and to protect my clients identity I thought it best for me to post it rather than he have to give his email address and name. Grateful Father 23 May 2009

Imagine the emotional impact on a family when one of their children becomes the victim of childhood sexual abuse. Never would have imagined that this could happen to our family-unfortunately it did at the hands of a former "family friend" whom we had not seen in many years (and unfortunately, apparently no longer really knew). As a father who is accustomed to being in control, I found myself extremely angry and frustrated with our "legal system" since it forbade my active participation in the prosecution of the one who harmed my family. After the defendant was released from jail, I decided (in the words of former President Bush after the 911 attacks) to move to an "offensive battle" in the defendant's own backyard. I decided to utilize my anger and frustration in a productive rather than destructive manner and contacted Accurate Investigations. Gladys at Accurate Investigations conducted a thoughtful, discrete, and professional investigation that allowed me to understand who the defendant really was. Amazingly, our legal system in the US neglects to provide much information to victims and their families. Accurate Investigations allowed me a sense of control that allowed me to "maintain the upper hand" as well as my sanity throughout a very lengthy and frustrating legal process. Gladys conducted an investigation in a cautious, legal, and professional manner to avoid harming the case. She provided me with much needed compassion and consultation beyond her call of duty as a private investigator. Compassion for victims and their families and a passion to do the "right thing" is something that the highly paid attorneys in many of our county courthouses seem to be lacking.

I have found Gladys to be one of the hardest working people in the industry. She is trustworthy, accomplished and follows up on her investigations. she is excellent in court and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure success. I encourage anyone reading this to try her skilled investigation techniques.

Samuel M.
Offsite review
"Gladys is smart, talented and relentless. She never gave up, and wouldn't let me give up. She found person who I last saw 50 years ago, who is now going by a different first name and a different last name than she had when I knew her. Seemingly impossible but Gladys found her. I am most grateful."